Tuesday, April 08, 2008

Everyone Gets A Trophy Bar

An invititation came into the Birdy Feeder last week for a fashion event to be held later this week (more to come on that later of course). After doing a quick scan, the location popped out at us - hmmm, Trophy Bar. Trophy Bar. What is Trophy Bar? Well, it turns out it is a brand new space that is about to have its grand debut this Friday night in mighty might Brooklyn. For some additional details, we go to their Myspace page, which reads:

Stay Gold Gallery is pleased to present TROPHY – a unique nightlife destination in Williamsburg, Brooklyn.

Trophy is presenting the newest musicians and DJ’s from around the world in a beautiful and welcoming environment featuring beautiful drinks and great music.

Trophy offers a selection of 8 beers on draught, a concise wine list, and full liquor collection, with an emphasis on Tequila and Whiskey. The cocktail menu will offer signature drinks such as the Loving Cup, Goblet, Strongman, Bakelite and Runner Up. In addition to drinks, Trophy will offer a light menu of grilled sandwiches.

Located under the elevated train in Williamsburg, the musical rumble of the train and turn-of-the-century construction set the tone for the interior space. Exposed brick, subway tile, dark wood, cozy lounge areas, and vintage trophies accentuate the building’s pre-war architecture. Trophy’s design is a contemporary nod to the neighborhood and its history, and the multi-use space will serve as both neighborhood bar and cultural establishment. Trophy also features a 700 sq ft back garden, which will be used jointly as a sculpture garden and beer garden. Exhibits will change quarterly.
Trophy is from the Stay Gold Gallery team from the Billy, and will feature a carefully curated jukebox, live DJ sets and the like. Official address is 351 Broadway, right underneath the J Mofo Z. Tell the Good Doctor hello when you get to the hood.