Thursday, April 17, 2008

Noah and Jason Live LAVO

Thanks to Lloyd Grove and a super long interview with Noah Tepperberg on Portfolio's website, we get a bit more information on Noah and Jason's upcoming Las Vegas project with Sammy Sass. You know, the one we told you about in January. Noah tells Lloyd

And now Jason, myself, Seth (Rodsky), Mark (Packer), and Rich (Wolf) have again partnered to open a new place in Las Vegas, which will be opening in about three months in the Palazzo hotel. It's a restaurant and a nightclub, rather large, and it's going to be called Lavo.
Fascinating stuff. Not only that, a Little Birdy tells us that it is designed by Avro/Ko. We look forward to it.

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Anonymous said...

wtf is "LAVO".... horrible name

Anonymous said...

agreed. worst name i've ever heard.

Anonymous said...

heard this project isn't even going down......the wrath of the retail store may strike.

Anonymous said...

I think the name is very creative! I mean... can Noah and Jason go wrong with the success they have had with Tao in NY and Vegas??

noellelv27 said...

Lavo sounds cool to me- I bet it will be an awesome place- tao is hard is a hard project to follow- its great!