Monday, April 07, 2008

VIP or Not VIP @ Upstairs

And now, fresh off a still chilly Spring weekend in New York, a faithful Little Birdy files a report filled with celebrity sightings, bottle service and dancing from Upstairs. We ask that you not confuse it with Downstairs, the late night diner that most people will never go to. And now, for our LB:

went to Upstairs last night (I know, I know, it's probably passe for LB). Met up with friends at mercbar first, and as we're walking to Upstairs, low and behold I spot chase crawford out of the corner of my eye--black sports jacket, black pants, blue eyes..etc. Then he turns the corner and gone. So we get to Upstairs--getting in the front door was easy bc a friend had dropped god knows how much for a table (bottle service...really, Wayne?...eugh). this got us into the "ultra vip" roped off area to the right of the DJ. we start pouring some drinks and dancing, until I realize (you must know where this is going), chase crawford is right behind me. I think i even spotted Michelle Trachtenberg out of the corner of my eye at their corner table. then, because I actually wanted to dance (shocking thing to do at a club, i know), I stepped out of the "ultra vip" section, only to try to make my way back in later and find myself faced with a *huge* bouncer in front of the "ultra vip" steps. I swear, the only word in the english language that he knew was "NO." I convinced him to let me in only when I told him I was getting my coat to leave--which I promptly did. although entertaining, having a celebrity in a club makes everything 10 times more difficult than it needs to be.
Hmmph. How rude! We certainly feel your pain, paying good money to be told by a security guard you cannot get back to your table. Bastards! That'll teach all of you, never, ever go dance. Ever.


Anonymous said...

guess whos dating now.....the upstairs couple of chae and michelle!