Wednesday, April 16, 2008

Rusty Knot: The Video

Behold, a video tribute to the Rusty Knot.


Anonymous said...

i was there the other night. it was filled with suits. seating is pretty limited. wasn't really impressed. i prefer the pig any day over the rusty knot into it

Anonymous said...

i really don't understand the hype this place is receiving. the phrase "trying too hard" comes to mind. there are countless bars elsewhere (and by elsewhere i mean more convenient) than the rusty knot.

in response to the comment about the place filled with "suits." think about the bar's location...hello luxury condos.

Anonymous said...

wmwjzlFour weeks ago on a Thursday night we,my 2 girlfriends and my boyfriend trundled down to try the Rusty Knot.
We are in the "food" industry so we had heard the hype and wanted to see for ourselves.
First impressions were not good, we couldnt get in, as there was a line.
But then we were greeted by a stylish Englishman who we now know as Gary, he told us that the wait wouldnt be long, and if it was, to go for a drink elsewhere and he would call us on our cell when he could accomodate us.
Amazing, so simple yet, Id never had such service.
When we did get in (the wait was like 15 mins) it was a mixed bag of suits and art people, good music, and we sampled the food ,but again only because Gary had managed to find us a table.
We ate pretzel dogs, oysters and clams, all very well done, and neatly priced.
Now ever since that first time each Thursday we have gone back, as we did last night.
BUT....Gary is no longer there.
We were told by the doorman that.."he wasnt working tonite" we were told by a bartender "he doesnt work here anymore" we overheard from another conversation that he had been fired ???
I have yet to find out where he was, but what I will say is, the service was terrible, we couldnt get a table, and we left after 40 or so minutes.
So, if you go to the Rusty Knot make sure Gary is working, he will make your night a lot more pleasurable than if he is not.