Tuesday, April 22, 2008

Eric Goode Grabbing Magic Castle

Let's fly out to the Left Coast to discuss a juicy rumor from our friends at HotelChatter. It seems that New York hotelier Eric Goode has his eyes on the mysterious Magic Castle in the heart of Hollywood, and Sean MacPherson may not be part of it. So who is the replacement? According to HC, it may be New York City's own Serge Becker. What a tag team!

So what do we think? From our own experience, the Magic Castle is a one of a kind property, a proper magician's club with an established hotel already operating next to it, plus a sushi restaurant boasting one of a kind views across the Los Angeles sky. However, it has been rather down and out over the past decade. This project reeks of Goode/Macpherson; rehabbing an existing property and making it a destination, and the castle architecture could make it the next Chateau Marmont. Uh, maybe not that far. We are just surprised to see Becker possibly replacing MacPherson on this one. Hope everything is ok with the dynamic duo.


abbe diaz said...

Serge Becker working with Eric Goode on this (alleged) project isn't an oddity at all. If I'm not mistaken, they were partnered together at MK, Bowery/B Bar, and The Park.

I'm just sayin.

Anonymous said...

...and they were partners in the greatest club of all... AREA.

Anonymous said...

isn't it Sean and Serge without Eric?

Anonymous said...

actually, i spoke to serge this weekend, and it's neither eric or serge.