Tuesday, April 08, 2008

Anyone Want (to represent) Some Box?

Even after one LB's proclamation that the Box is still smoking hot, we come to find that all may not be well at the pseudo vaudeville club on Chrystie Street. According to an in the know Little Birdy, Simon and the boys are having some behind the scenes trouble. Apparently they can't find an attorney to represent them! In New York! OMG! Our LB says, "The Box maybe not so hot actually. i hear they are looking for new representation. nobody will take them though b/c they are such a disaster -- girls being kidnapped and raped outside, celebs stopped going, and simon is a complete mess." But is he a hot mess? Or just trannie fierce? Jk. Anyway, if any of you eager beaver attorneys want to break into the business of nightlife litigation, make a bee line to the Box with a box of business cards. We smell an opportunity.


teabagger said...

This is interesting. Does anyone know who they were using? Rob Bookman does a lot of this stuff as attorney and lobbyist.

Generally lawyers like having screwed up clients -- they make for a lot of business. But only if they pay their bills on time.

Anonymous said...

Unfortunately - these guys are really bad at paying their bills. I know the contractor who did the interiors. They basically had to threaten to torch the place before they saw any $$.