Thursday, April 03, 2008

Flyer Follies: Double Trouble Thursday

Did you think we were going a whole week without Flyer Follies? You must be crazier than AstraGirl and Steve Lewis combined. A Double Dose coming up. Let's see. P.I.N.K. and Vitamin Water are sorta the JMZ going into Bushwick. And the Delancey Lounge is Midtown. And the L Train may not exist. This party is seriously messed up. But open bar on the Delancey Roof from 6-7 while it's 49 and sunny.
Angels and ____. This one is almost too easy. Read the fine print and you see Trump Vodka is bringing the flavor tonight, so you know you are dealing with the finest ingredients, the hardest glass bottles, the classiest labels, and really bad vodka club sodas.