Tuesday, April 01, 2008

Steve Lewis Chats Up DBTH

Ever since nightlife scion Steve Lewis partnered with the good folks at JoonBug on Goodnight Mr. Lewis, we had been getting requests through intermediaries to do an interview. Finally, we relented on one condition. We got to run a sneak preview of it here first on our little site.

Steve Lewis:
When I was coming up during the day, working with Steve Rubell and Ian Schrager at Studio 54, they told me that they had an idea for doing something with computers that would sort of be an online diary. And I had all of this peanut butter in my mouth, a whole mouth full of peanut butter, and when I tried to speak, the only noise I could get out was "brahg". And Steve Rubell, who was a genius, said to me, "yes a blog. That is exactly what I'm talking about. A blog." And so we actually came up with blogging then and there. And when I was running Life, I was doing everything, the door, the music, the design, making drinks, hailing cabs, blogging, the servers, and dancing. And that is sort of like Down By The Hipster, which I respect.

DBTH: Well, there is a group of people helping out, and all of the readers, so it's tough to say that one person really does everything, but we understand the comparison.

SL: When I did the door, I learned from the best. The best. And so when I blog and when someone like Rosie blogs, you know you are going to get some nouns, some verbs, some adjectives. Those are all some of the best parts of grammar. And you mix them together and create a successful sentence. And when I was running Life, you really only got a noun, but the noun was the best one with all different letters. So your posts are sort of like me naming the club Life.

Well, we do write about Danny A, and apparently he was a really big deal at Life, so we can see the connection. But in other ways, they really aren't anything alike.

SL: Now, when I ran Life, we really only made money at the bars. These days you can make money with the tables, which I invented, and which are like little tiny bars. And by reading Down By The Hipster, which I haven't read by the way but I hear is great and doing all those things with the posts and the stories and pictures, it seems like you not only have the bar, the main point of sale, but also tables that are the second point of sale. So it's like your running your blog like I would have run a club, like Life, when I was still doing that.

DBTH: Yeah, well, we try our hardest to run this like a business, and we cover nightclubs, so you can definitely see the similarities.

That is just a little taste of what you will be seeing tomorrow on Goodnight Mr. Lewis. We thank Steve for taking the time to interview us and look forward to a long friendship.


Anonymous said...


Anonymous said...

double fucking brilliant

astralgirl01 said...

So wait, Steve Lewis is saying that he invented blogs? HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA...

guestofaguest said...

@astra girl: this is exactly what we were left with thinking...loves it

Anonymous said...

"These days you can make money with the tables, which I invented..." Dude get a effin "Life" (no pun intended) Mr. Lewis please stop living in the past, your time has come and gone. And please for the love of God stop refering to yourself in your blogs; you sound like Tyra Banks!!!

Anonymous said...

you call yourselves hipsters? this is a joke you morons.

its sarcasm... in new york and much of the east coast we use sarcasm to entertain ourselves and hopefully others, if they are intuitive enough to understand it.

Anonymous said...

Steve neglects to tell us that all of "his" joints were actually not his at all. Half of his clubs were owned by Maurice Brahms (Red Zone, Palace De Beaute, Life) and Peter Gatien (Tunnel, USA, Limelight)

As far as I can recall, NONE of the aforementioned clubs ever served bottles so, I would love to know in which one of "his" clubs he introduced this club changing miracle.

He lives in the past but, has a selective memory like forgetting things like being arrested and sent to prison, snorting coke and doing X with the club kids and smoking crack with his EX Wife all over the city.

Why not interview the actual owners of the clubs rather than the managers and heads of the promotion department? Oh wait, they are either dead, in jail or have no interest in living in the past or talking with "has beens" like Mr. Lewis.

PS All of these "original club people" are in their late 60's and 70's so I doubt they would have much to offer in 2008 anyway.

clubkid said...

The poster above me is a real idiot. This was an April Fools joke!!! Lewis never said he invented bottle service DBTH was spoofing his ego in honor of April Fools..
Moreover, why would I want to hear from the money men behind the clubs? I want to hear from the people who ran the door, walked the floor. With respect to the "prison" and "drug" cheapshots, so what. This is the club world. Those things just add to your rep, your credibility. It would be different if, let's say, our elected officials were committing crimes, doing drugs, sleeping around.

Bottom line, how do you take any poster seriously when he/she can't see a joke right before their eyes. Happy April Fools Day fool.

Anonymous said...

spoof or no spoof (i get the joke, although i didn't find it funny), why continue to diss steve lewis on DBTH?

although i know just about everyone he has interviewed lately personally, due to my years working in that business, i find his writing to be solid, informative and the whole thing really well done.

he reached out and linked to DBTH and only says good things about you, so why keep shitting on him?