Sunday, April 27, 2008

DBTH Poll: How Fresh is The Box

After last week's raucous debate over the relevance of The Box, we decided to fire up the old DBTH Poll machine to ask you, our readers, How Fresh is The Box?

Choice of 3 Answers
· Ripe and Juicy (Still hot)
· Stank and Rotten (Dunzo)
· Dead on the Vine (Never was)

Guess we already know how Ray LeMoine will vote. Polls are open until Wednesday. Participation is mandatory. DBTH is watching.


Anonymous said...

Here's the skinny on the Box:

basically, most of the dudes I know are frankly sick of the attitude at the door -- which is way over the top, even for a supposedly "elite" club -- I know clubland regulars who get hassled at the door, while friggin Russians and Lithuanians who can barely speak English have bribed their way in

I know I've had to wait on numerous occasions, only to find that it wasn't worth the wait -- girls NOT hot, crowd NOT cool, and drinks definitely OVERPRICED

on another note, a lot of women I know have also decided to boycott the box on principle after two women were abducted and raped right as they were leaving the club -- many hold the management accountable at least indirectly for allowing this sort of thing to happen and not providing adequate security for the people who go there

Anonymous said...

still smokin hot, but can get boring after a few visits

Anonymous said...

The Box smelled; but then I told me Julie to douche and voila, her box smells like the shit.

Anonymous said...