Wednesday, April 09, 2008

Antik Keeps The Bar Hidden

Antik has been up and running for a few weeks now, and besides the opening night event, things at the retooled Bowery lounge has been pretty quiet. Well, we heard they were booked for a pretty important birthday party last Friday night and things didn't go so well. A Little Birdy checks in and confirms the rumors, saying:

Went to Antik on Friday night for my friend's bday. She took the upstairs over for the night. It was really fun bc it was all our friends but i think people got a bit annoyed with the whole drink situation. They wouldn't let you order from the window/bar at the front only from the waitresses walking around which didn't come by often enough.

The venue should be happy bc she brought a good crowd of a ton of big name models, marisa tomei, jamie burke, may anderson, few guys from the strokes etc, but the people running it were trying to be all velvet rope dbag when everyone there was there for this private party. not sure why they had to act all too cool at the door, it was a bit annoying. party was fun and our friends were djing so music was good. but the place cleared out fairly early which i assume was because of the drink situation. its real comfortable, lots of tables and places to sit. if they could hire a few more waitresses i think it would be a good spot to host a party.
Slow drink delivery is not a good way to run a cocktail lounge, which goes back to our original theory. It takes more than a bar and a cocktail menu to run a proper lounge. Interaction with the bartenders, seeing the bottles and conversation with knowledgeable servers is how you run a lounge. This is apparently a mess.