Monday, March 24, 2008

Commenter Intel: Antik

Antik, the new semi-speakeasy on the Bowery just opened last week, and already the place is generating all sorts of reviews by our faithful readers. What say thee - commneters?

· WTF?? You cant get a drink in this place to save your life. Couldn't find a waitress and there is definitely no bar for patrons. Only for waitresses if you were lucky enough to find one. Found out later today when I was talking to some friends that this place doesn't have a liquor license or something and that's why you won't find a bar in Antique. Anyway not sure where those models were, but if they would have been there I might have been able to stay around longer and die of thirst!

· This place sucks, definitely not hipster or cool. The people are whack, service is horrible, and models?? Who are they kidding? Obviously they are writing their own good comments on here.

· I'm so sick of these "speak easies" that are being rolled out one after another. Would you like a honey infused, peppermint, pomegranate, ginger, fizz????!!
Ouch, ouch and more ouch. That is not the way to open up. Because this is the site of a former bar, we are pretty sure that they are properly licensed. But it does seem like they are operating Kings Cross and Antik as two bars with cross access. We obviously need more information, and we think we know the right person.


Anonymous said...

New York is missing out on hot clubs. I am forced to spend weekends flying out to legit spots since eveything that opens crashes and burns. Clearly, we r going through a recession, hence the popularity of speak easies. Don't wast your time!