Thursday, March 06, 2008

Johnny Utah's Goes Industry

Is Butter's Monday night reign about to end? Possibly, if the folks behind the industry event at Johnny Utah's have their way. A Little Birdy writes, "I wanted to let you know about this Monday party that I've been to for the past 2 weeks that everyone seems to be going to. It's an early party at Johnny Utah's from about i would say....10ish to 2ish?? I've left 1:30 both times when it was slowing down and headed to upstairs (which i saw most of the people from there at after)." Don't believe them? Luckily, they supplied a fancy video that shows the wild times. Fabolous.

As an aside, our lovely cabbie also told us that Upstairs biggest night is Monday, after everyone leaves Butter. Could it also be filled with people from Johnny U's? Apparently.


Anonymous said...

This party is hands down the most entertaining event in nyc right now.

Butter is over.

Anonymous said...

couldn't agree more...and upstairs has been dope on mondays

Richie Akiva said...

yes Upstairs is now the best party on monday nights

Anonymous said...