Friday, March 14, 2008

K&K Do Antik

Thanks to a fast moving Little Birdy, we can drop some additional intel on the soon to open Antik. According to the LB, "It is the latest creation from nightlife impresarios Larry Kramer and Craig Koenig, the team behind the rustic-lounge Retreat." Now, R&R was not half bad during its short run, but Retreat? We are having trouble coming up with something nice to say. Best to just leave it alone. Overall, impresarios may be a little too strong of a word here.

Bonus note: The late M&R bar has also been renovated into King's Cross Tavern, which fancies itself as an English pub of sorts. It's been open for a few weeks now, with some early intel making it sound not half bad. We also hear that they have been letting people upstairs into Antik, even though it's not open yet. Stop by tonight and let us know how it goes.


Anonymous said...

Hey DBTH I went to antik on tues night and is seems as if it is all bottle service. the crowd was mostly promoters with some people dressed in wedding gowns (after party??) mostly models and hipsters... I think they are trying to keep it ultra exclusive as the space is small and the bar looks more like a coat check.

Anonymous said...

i was there this friday night and it was amazing... we got a table, and most everyone else did too. definitely like this new spot