Friday, March 07, 2008

Koko Dozo Catches Fire Underground

As part of our public service mission, we like to keep you informed on the hottest acts that entertain the elite masses. So who is tearing up the underground scene right now? Apparently it's Koko Dozo - who promoted their fledgling act by telling us

Our debut self-release "Illegal Space Aliens" dropped last Saturday and our release party at Nacotheque, the insanely crazy Latino-Electro party which is making waves in NYC and all over the world, was out of control, a room packed with sweaty hot dancing bodies . . . Since then, on the merit of that buzz alone, we've booked two of the biggest underground parties in NYC, Rated X- The Panty Party at Don Hills and Roxy Cottontails's Heartbeat at Le Royale.
That certainly sounds hot. And unique. Just look at that picture, you know they got something going on that's just got to be authentic. You go Koko Dozo. Go!