Tuesday, March 11, 2008

Danny A is Done With NYC

Tucked into Part 3 of Mr. Lewis's 3 part interview with Mr. Upstairs, Danny A, the super promoter explains why he is bored with New York City nightlife, saying

If I look at the whole club scene today, I have to tell you it’s horrendous. There’s nothing going on over here. I wouldn’t go anywhere and enjoy myself in New York now. Enjoying it is one thing, I can enjoy myself anywhere because I have people that I care about around me, but if I was a twenty-three year old guy coming to NY wanting to make myself in this scene and see who’s hot and who’s not…I remember going into a club twenty years ago and saying wow, I can’t believe it. What is there for shock value now? I’m talking about walking into the Tunnel on Friday and there are people dressed up like clowns and the room upstairs, hot crowd, all that back then, you could be in the VIP room and walk out onto the dance floor and you knew everybody. Today I walk through the dance floor only so I can get where I need to go. I don’t think I’m better than anybody else, but they’re there for a different reason than I am, they just pay twenty dollars and they’re just standing around, macho acting…
We agree and disagree. There isn't much going on around here, but it's not for a lack of shock value. Things change over 10 years, and seeing clowns, gospel choirs and double dutch shows at the Box really don't cut it. Customers are paying over the top prices to enjoy themselves, so what's lacking isn't the shock - it's the fun and service that justifies laying out all of those greenbacks.

No wonder the folks in London are going so hard these days - their currency is actually worth a damn.

Also worth noting, our pals at Guest of a Guest snagged an interview with Steve Lewis, the man, the myth, the legend, and he gives DBTH a little shout out. Go give it a read.


Anonymous said...

I do not read this page much, and this is the reason why. not sure if this is posted to clown him or what. kids got a serious case of cool disease

Anonymous said...

Is that English?

Anonymous said...

who are you even talking about DBTH or Danny A?