Tuesday, March 25, 2008

Late Night Chang Sauce

Momofuku Ssam bar, lauded for its great food served late into the night, has quietly shrunken it's late night menu. A visit on a recent Tuesday shows that the late night menu is, in fact, rather limited. Gone are most of the delicious menu items that require lengthy prep time, including the now banished dinner ssam burrito. What is available are items from the cold stations, hams, bread and butter, and some line items like pork buns etc that are lined up and only require assembly. It's disappointing that all of the items aren't available after 11, but don't fear, this limited late night menu is only in place from Sunday to Wednesday - after which the full menu, with all of its glorious Chang sauce, returns until closing. Mark your calendars accordingly.


Katie said...

And, the regular dinner menu long ago did away with absolutely fabulous ssam burrito that had made me keep coming back. It's a travesty.