Friday, March 14, 2008

Bowery Goes Antik Shopping

Bowery Row is set for a new addition to its already plentiful nightlife menu. The old Marion's Continental has quietly undergone some interior renovations and is about ready to reopen as Antik. There has been next to no news about this, but the fancy Zagat folks have heard that Antik will be "a 'semi-private' cocktail lounge". Joy. And judging by the logo, we can imagine the bar will have some sort of dark and sexy motif. No word if it is connected to Hostler Burrows Antik Gallery. Most importantly, when does it open? DBTH has heard rumors of Wednesday, March 19th, but that is unconfirmed. Since it's semi-private, we doubt any of us are invited, but we're working on correcting that.

Much more to come.