Monday, March 10, 2008

Why Elliot Was in Washington

Here is the video of Elliot Spitzer testifying before Congress in February about the crumbling state of the US Bond Market.

And to think, just hours before, he had dropped several thousand getting down with a high priced call girl. No wonder he sounds so cool, calm and collected. Whoo ahh.


Drue said...

Agreed, the man is refreshed and ready for some governing!

It is SO WRONG that he did this to his wife right at Valentine's Day!! I predict the divorce comes before he even steps down.

If you dig into the reports on this, "Client 9" here not only spent alot of money, but was also a regular and was known for liking "unsafe practices"...!!??
Does that mean "unprotected sex" or "ball-gag me, I'm your naughty schoolboy Ellie!" ??