Tuesday, March 04, 2008

The Woes of Socialista

There are thousands of cabs in Manhattan, but last night we stepped into the best. After giving our driver our cross streets, not only did he speak New York English, but also knew what was at that address. Our cabbie then began to regale us with stories about New York City nightlife, both past and present, and by the end we wanted to hire him to join this here site.

One of the most interesting tales we heard involved Socialista, Armin's snazzy little Cuban joint in the far West Village. According to our cabbie, even before the Hep A incident, Socialista was having trouble drawing the nightlife elite. It wasn't because of the location, the tight door, or the prices (although they probably all contribute), but because Armin ran such a clean joint. He has actively kept any known drug dealers out of the club, which means that his customers who dabble in that thing either choose not to come, or have to leave when the booze starts to make them sleepy. The club was in trouble before that, and this Hep A scare will either be the nail in the coffin or a real wake up call for him to change his ways.

Now, this was just the story that our cabbie told us. But the guy knew his stuff. A lot of stuff. And from our experiences at Socialista, the place is definitely on the level. But we will let you our readers make up your own mind. And don't feel too bad for Armin, Harvey W. and Cirpriani - we know a few hotel guys that would probably be happy to take that lease off their hands.

And when we asked the cabbie for his card, he politely told us "no", saying "you either already have it or you get lucky enough to get in my cab. I don't give my number to no one." And that's that.


Anonymous said...

So let's get this straight......according to a cab driver you can't make a go of it if you don't let the dealers into your establishment and if you run a "clean" joint you can't be sucessful???????

How about if you serve great food and beverage in a location that works and get the right people to not only come but return as customers, then you have a business that may actually make it to it's first year anniversary. How many of the so called hot spots of the day make it even 5 years????????

Anonymous said...

I've had that cabby before. He often parks in front of Socialista. Interesting dude.

Anonymous said...

Nail in the coffin!

Go Nightly said...

Ha! Clean?? Since when. Don't let the devastatingly cute host who goes around making you put out your marlboros in his little water filled cup fool ya!

Anonymous said...

Reminds me of the very interesting american cab driver I had a couple of years ago who told me he did 10 years in jail for coke dealing, how he used to deal at studio 54, and how Ian Schrager got his nightlife and financial start doing the same thing.

That's why I love talking to cabbies: no end to the good stories!

Anonymous said...

yeah i know that cab driver, i've had him twice haha he pretty much just goes around at night to socialista, beatrice, the box, etc. and always gossips. he said the worst is the box because everyone leaves the place broke.. hah