Monday, March 03, 2008

Schrager Talks Edition

Maybe only fascinating to us, but Hotels Magazine has a nice little podcast interview with Sir Ian Schrager, who openly discusses his Edition Hotels partnership with Marriott. Some of the major highlights:

· There are currently 9 hotels under development now, with 30 expected to be in the planning phase by the end of 2008.
· Marriott's goal is to get at least 100 Edition hotels within 5 years, but Schrager would love to get at least 300 or 400. As many as possible.
· Each hotel will be extremely unique, with a different design company being responsible for a different Edition.
· For the first time Schrager's company may choose to operate the restaurant spaces within the properties, rather than outsource them as he has previously done. Ian says he has a ton of different concepts they could roll out.
· Each Edition will be as green as possible
This really is a fascinating idea that will either prove to be extremely successful or a tremendous bust. At no other time has a single entity sought to create a line of hotels that are all completely different. We wonder how one relatively small firm such as Schrager's, despite the power of Marriott behind it, can really expect to source, develop and market 100+ properties around the globe. But we certainly wouldn't want to bet against this guy.

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