Monday, March 17, 2008

Quick Hits: SXSW

Unfortunately our trip to SXSW this weekend was unexpectedly called off. Luckily, a faithful Little Birdy filed a field report from Austin. There were supposed to be several, but the parties got the best of Birdy, so we have to settle for one. Birdy?

Saturday was the last official night of South by Southwest and the festivities closed with a bang. Bands from around the world have performed all week with the festival taking over every venue with a floor and power outlet. And the hipsters were our in force. Think Beatrice Inn times 1000. This little birdy spent most of the evening at Perez Hilton's Perez Says event at the Palm Door and is feeling the effects today. Good news - open bar. Not so good news - open bar choices were 10cane or Navan. The band line-up was solid and there was even a Guitar Hero setup in the VIP. Cisco Adler and Schwaze made an appearance and were scheduled to perform but never did. N.E.R.D. capped off the night and the legendary Larry Tee DJ'ed in between the bands. Chromeo's Dave 1 stopped by late night after their performance down the street.
That's what happens when you spend all night at Perez's party. You get f*cked. Anyway, bad Birdy for only 1 report, good Birdy for reporting.

Any other stories? Let us know.