Tuesday, March 11, 2008

The Magic Cabbie

From a Little Birdy:

I just got back from Johnny Utah’s, as per your recommendation. On my trip back downtown I am pretty sure I had the exact same cabbie as you did in the recent Socilista posting. He began telling me and my friend stories about NYC night life, and dare I say, perhaps knew his stuff better than you.[Ed. Note: Impossible] I asked him if he happened to be the same cab driver. Turns out he doesn’t have a computer but he did say he never gives out his “fucking number” and that he tells everyone the same Socilista story, so it was probably him. Btw, turns out he doesn’t give his number out because people always call when he is busy and he doesn’t need the business then, so no harsh feelings. Its funny I stumbled across him; you definitely should try to get him on board. He says that he has been approached by club owners to sign up because of how much he knows, but he is happy as is so good luck.
What a coincidence! This has to be the #1 nightlife cab driver in the City hands down. Doesn't this deserve some kind of recognition from The New York City Taxi and Limousine Commission?