Wednesday, April 09, 2008

Employees Only Means Employees Only

Employees Only has had a great reputation as a chill place to show up with friends, kick back and enjoy a few drinks. But are those days finished? According to a Little Birdy, the answer is a resounding YES! LB says:

this happened over the weekend and needs to be printed...

i went to employees only on Friday night for a drink with friends after a great dinner in the west village. we were meeting some other people there- happened to be all girls and we were a mixed party. it was raining and when we got there and there was no line. the bouncer said they were having a private party. classic bullshit line- i expect that treatment on 27th street, but not at employees only. we called his bluff then he asked if we had a reservation. we said no, because we didn't, but also added that we had never made a reservation to get a drink at employees only in the years we had been going there and lived in the area. he said we were obviously lying. right. we called his bluff again and he said it was just too crowded inside. the girls we were with could go in, but the guys couldn't. as this transpired, no less than 25-30 people left the bar (mostly guys) and they were still turning people away at the door- even just girls. we had it and went to the other room, which was great. since when did employees only develop that kind of attitude? i will never go back.
We're sorry LB, we really don't know what this world is coming to. So Employees Only - what is your excuse? Please let us know.