Friday, April 18, 2008

Smith and Mills Insanity!

Below is the transcript of a letter written by an upstairs neighbor of Smith and Mills. This fight is beyond nasty!

Dear Boards, Friends and Neighbors,

Many of you read the article "Bar Brawl" in The Post and hope you know this was a publicity stunt. Not a word of this story was true. As you know there would be no reason to "brawl" on N Moore. They were asked to move a Moped. Sanitation had been after for weeks.

I did write the Mayor because what they were doing had became dangerous. A danger to all of us. They had a fire and a history of fire. Our house could of burnt down. Our home is all 3 floors above them. They caught a womans coat on fire. Burning it to shreds. Had it been a few hours later there would have been many more coats and many more people. Someone could have been killed. That is why I wrote the Mayor. Packing so many people in and then lock themselves in with a look out to whistle when they see the Police. Police and Fire were not able to handle. Mostly because they tell so many stories. Somehow suggesting we were the only ones concerned. When all the neighbors had banded together to suspend their license suspecting their intent from the start.

These are the boys from Beatrice Inn. Sadly, no one investigated or even the press would have connected the dots long before printing this story. Explaining the reason for no sign. When it turns out it was as simple as googling Matt Abramcyk and Beatrice Inn all along. Since its no secret what they are up to in the media. It seems this had to do with their troubles at Beatrice Inn. Rather then anything that had happened here and their concerns for getting caught on both licenses.

We were told of "the neighbor" above Beatrice the day the story broke. Seems she got them in a world of trouble costing them a small fortune. They then paid her another fortune to move and leave her home. Then set out to make up these stories on us. All while the "Mayor's Task Force" was at Beatrice by thier own admission on google in an article "Beatrice Currently Shut Down to Everyone, Not Just You" at the very same time. For all of the same troubles we had with them here relating to soundspoofing, noise, issues of electrical & plumbing. Partying all over the streets till the wee hours. Having no regard for others or the law.

New York Magazine said they were taking the "offense" in an article "Smith and Mills Fights for Its Rights to Party". When both are on restaurant licenses but have no kitchens. Strangely all in basements. In our case now attempting to cook to pretend it to be a restaurant ruining everything we own. Since that building has no vent or exhaust. In fear of getting caught on both licenses. While Hipguide New York just illustrated thier reasoning and not one department has stepped in to stop them. When its a danger to all to of us.

Blackbook magazine's "STRAIGHT OFF THE HANGOVER BEATRICE INN COMES MATT ABRAMCYKS SMITH AND MILLS spoke to their intent from the start. While preying on residentials streets, where its neighbors are unsuspecting, then preying on its residents. On the most beautiful and relevant tree lined streets in Manhattan.

They even tried to arrest me, a resident of N Moore, for walking down the street. After being cited and fined by Police and Fire 3 times the week before. After throwing parties during fashion week for over 100 people in a single car garage and spilling on its streets. Waiting for me to innocently walk one day in one day and found it befitting to put a resident of an 8 bedroom home in handcuffs, over the word of a bar. Attempting arrest which failed. When they were caught lying to the officers by Annie, the Manager at Ivy's, demanding my release. Explaining to the officers they were lying. I was never told what I was accused or permitted to speak or even had my name and hope you can begin to grasp the brevity of how far they are willing to go in the name of thier folly.

They now are telling even taller tales on the Supreme Court. Asking it to somehow concern itself with our home. In a lawsuit only meant to further harass us. When I've not spoken to them or looked in thier direction for 7 months after the false attempt. Yet the very relief seek from the courts. Harassing us full on ever since the false attempt and more out of control then ever which finally led to fire. I had told the Police I would write the Mayor because his daughter is our neighbor. Her building could have burnt down too. This "sister" story was pure cinema. Still insisting we were the only ones this concerned. Because that is what these boys had told them. I suspect with the same counsel that handled their troubles at Beatrice.

After putting resident of an 8 bedroom home in handcuffs, breaking into our home, never having soundproofed the space because they have no money.

In a space simply too small for what they are doing. I hope you can understand why anyone would call the Police. Its dangerous. Since they can not sue us for calling 311 or writing the Mayor or calling the Police "anonymously" they invented these fairy tales on us and the courts and press. Trading on our notoriety on a pack of lies, they know full well to be a to lies themselves, holding us up on our own notoriety. When they never even paid us for the space, damaged our home from stem to stern and we are the only ones who suffered any harm what so ever.

To put a resident of N Moore in handcuffs or tell tall tales on the courts or break in anyones home in the name of a liquor license is completely and extremely serious. I'm not certain you can imagine what it would be like to have been preyed on because you were alone or harassed full on by boys in a bar. Afraid to leave your home in fear of what they will do next. Accused of stripping jackhammers from hotel construction workers in the press. Even accused of causing the hotel's delay in an attempt to give their false claim merit. Even trading on Robert Deniro's name in this lawsuit in an attempt to shop this story in the press which failed and ask that you lend your voices. Before we too in the words of Spencer Morgan of the Observer have "Bedlam at Beatrice" or others suffer harm too.
Holy camoly Birdys. This one is getting real nasty.


Anonymous said...

Why can nobody associated with this story form a complete sentence?

Anonymous said...

I agree that first post was beyond atrocious.

Anonymous said...

i dont follow anything in this story...somebody break it down for me PLEASE!!!!

Anonymous said...

i don't have the attention span to read that whole thing. can someone give me the cliff notes on what the fuck this is about?

Anonymous said...


astralgirl01 said...

This letter seems a bit far-fetched... and waaay too rambling.

As I'm good friends with one of the partners at Smith and Mills, I can tell you that they've taken huge measures to make sure that the venue was up to standards and respectful of the neighbors.

ESPECIALLY as they knew Bobby D's hotel would be going in, hence raising the profile (and the glaring eyes of the SLA) in the neighborhood.

But you never know... I have to say, tho, that Beatrice has been asking for it recently, with the number of drunken Euros outside begging to get in... I'm waiting to see how this all develops.

Anonymous said...

More importantly, how does this idiot afford an eight bedroom apartment on North Moore?

teabag said...

I can't follow the incoherent narrative, but the Beatrice boys seem to push their luck -- I was once there for a fashion event and they kept 50 people waiting around outside for no good reason until the police inevitably came.

Not smart for a residential block. This is why the nightlife industry is currently under siege; operators need to be smart as well as zealous in defending their right to run a business.

Anonymous said...

DBTH, can you send me some advil to take care of the headache I just got by trying to read that?

Anonymous said...

yo, the neighbor needs to go back to high school.