Tuesday, April 01, 2008

April Fools Day Fall Out

We had a lot of fun with our little April Fool's Day jokes. Our targets, GNML and GofG had some fun with them too. That's nice of them. Like every April Fool's Day, some people just don't get the joke. Take this IM we had last night with an acquaintance of Steve Lewis:

Super Cool Blogger: so steve called you or what? pls tell and don't be gay about
DBTH: oh the interview? that was an april fools joke too. DUH
Super Cool Blogger: you're kidding - omg i hate you
Super Cool Blogger: you're kidding
omg i hate you! you would do that, you are like that kid that got SOOO into april fools day i was like "wtf"
omg did you make up the blogging thing that steve said??
DBTH: hahahahaah
Super Cool Blogger: hahahahhahaaaaaaaaaaaa
DBTH: sorry dude
Super Cool Blogger: omg i am super impressed!
your points are at ultimate high
though may be from the endorphins i have from my workout
i was DYING when i read that, brilliant
DBTH: thanks
Super Cool Blogger: wow
DBTH: you know this is getting posted tomorrow
Super Cool Blogger: what that it was a joke
DBTH: no this im
Super Cool Blogger: marv
Silly Super Cool Blogger. Try not to be so gullible.