Wednesday, April 30, 2008

On the Circuit: Chelsea Hotel's NYC Kick Off

What's the best way to lure New York City's weekend escape artists to your brand new, non-gaming hotel in Atlantic City? Hire some well established New York City nightlifers to run the clubs, and throw a party in New York to show what your new hotel is made of. That's exactly the strategy that the Chelsea Hotel AC followed last night, throwing a little how's your father soiree at the Beatrice Inn. Wonder how they chose that. The party started at 7 and ended on the early side, but somehow when you step into the upstairs room, it can be any time of the day.

The crowd was mixed, with employees from Cape Advisors and the Starr Restaurant Organization mingling with other suits, publicists and high and mighty nightlife insiders. Ahem. The best part besides the open bar? It would have to be the catered menu from the nearby Morimoto, Stephen Starr's temple of sushi here in NYC. Dungeness crab, rock shrimp, yellowtail and the like went down oh so smooth. Oh yeah, they also gave out towels.

Although it was crowded, the party was a nice way to kick off the night. If the rest of the Chelsea's hotel and service operations go this smoothly, we predict big things there all summer long.


Anonymous said...

Smoke and mirrors should be the name of the "new" Chelsea hotel in AC. Used furniture, slap a coat of paint on it, new carpet ta da we have ourselves an up-scale hotel! People are just to damn gullible. Enjoy your stay!