Thursday, April 03, 2008

Cinema Society Snoozefest

Has the luster worn off the Andrew Saffir's Cinema Society? After Monday's screening of Smart People at the Landmark and requisite dinner and party at the Bowery Hotel, one Little Birdy tells us, "Pretty much done with the Cinema Society events. The movies aren't really that good, and the parties aren't fun anymore." We feel really sorry for you LB, always being forced to attend free screenings and then getting having to go to a hotel for dinner and drinks. Waaaaa. Waaaaaa. Us here at DBTH like almost anything that's free. Invite us. Yeah!


Anonymous said...

it's funny bc i go to these parties/screenings and they always have great talent there but it is sort of a snoozefest.

there's just no energy really. feel like they could cooler/more fun.