Thursday, April 17, 2008

Sixpoint Ales Does Its Part

Sixpoint Craft Ales is steadily growing, expanding it's offering of delicious brews and outlets, all from the comfort of its Brooklyn manufacturing space. Not only that, they are trying to be as sustainable as possible. How so? Jeff Gorlechen from the Sixpoint promotions team fills us in, saying:

After being used for brewing beer, all of our spent grain is used to feed livestock on Long Island.

We buy used/recycled kegs, especially our 5 gallon soda kegs, which are normally thrown out for scrap. We also don't bottle our beer, so there's no wasteful packaging. We fill the kegs, ship them to our distributor, they get shipped back to us, then they are returned to us, then we clean and refill them, then ship them back out again.

We recycle the heat energy from the boiling process of the wort and use it to heat tap water for use in the next day’s brew.

All of our brewers take the subway to work ;-)
Truly great stuff Sixpoint. Keep up the great work!