Friday, April 25, 2008

Commenter Smackdown: Cain vs Suzie Wongs

We really love our commenters, especially when they go at each other and not us. After our little post on Suzie Wong's late night liquor run, a Cain employee posted a comment ripping Suzie, saying:

i work at cain and it hardly looked like you guys were busy last night- guest house looked busier lol. suzie wong seems far from right.
BURN! They called you worse than Guest House. Is Suzie going to just take that? Hell No. Comeback time:
whoever wrote that last comment really has no clue. maybe if you came inside you would have seen a real party. come check it out one night for yourself before you open your mouth
We will add the ! ourselves. Not so witty but the line in the sand is drawn. Since it's warm again, may we suggest a Top Gun style beach volleyball contest? If the feuding loungers aren't into that, there is always a Satsky special in Houstons.