Tuesday, April 29, 2008

Snitch is Dead, Long Live Snitch

Snitch, the rock and roll lounge on 21st Street, is closing its doors. They have plans to start doing concert promotions and other such events, as well as open a new space. Steve Lewis is devastated, we mean, really devastated, because Snitch was his favorite place. We mean really favorite place. Sorry Steve. That sucks. Someone send him some tissues on the quickness. But according to owner John Gabel, a new space will also open in the Snitch space, one that promises to "be an upscale lounge that will cater to the upscale social scenes of Manhattan, but I would say that customer service and operations and management will be probably greater then any place in New York." Lofty goals they laid out there, but we believe in them. Onward.

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