Thursday, April 10, 2008

Trophy Bar & the Liquor License

Ever wonder what the process is to get a full liquor license in New York City? Here's your chance to learn. Similar to being arrested, you submit some mug shot type photos and a set of finger prints. For example, the owners of the soon to open Trophy Bar posted their shots on Myspace. The things we do to open a business.


i'mnotsayin said...

The U-Haul on 23rd and 11th fingerprints you when you rent one of their shitty, death-trap trucks.

Anonymous said...

You have to get fingerprinted and have your photo taken when you get a rifle/shotgun permit too.

I know people might say, "well, of course you should." But if you have to do that for a rifle permit, you should have to do so for a permit where you handle alcohol too. This can take as many lives as a gun.

Anonymous said...

agreed. they should fingerprint you when you go to wholefoods too