Wednesday, December 05, 2007

Double Dose of Brooklyn

Those crazy kids at Sixpoint have done gone and done it again. A company rep dropped a line, informing us of a new specialty ale they are rolling out for a limited time. This particular brew was created with a little help from Park Slope's Gorilla Coffee. To the release, which says:

Gorilla Warfare Porter is a silky smooth porter made with 40 pounds of Park Slope's Gorilla Coffee Ethiopian Yirgacheffe blend, a Fair Trade and Organic Certified coffee roasted in Sunset Park, Brooklyn. The coffee has winey, spicy notes with hints of baker's chocolate. Combined with patent malt, the signature of many great English-style porters, this is one silky smooth, coffee-rich porter.
Chrondo! The Porter will be available around town for about 6 weeks so you best act fast. Oh, and there is a kickoff party tomorrow night at Gorilla Coffee at 8 PM. Enjoy