Thursday, December 13, 2007

DBag Thursday: Part 1

Hey everyone! Today is D Bag Thursday, a very special feature brought to you in at least two parts? Why today? Why not. Part 1.

It's Wednesday night. You (or DBTH) is at the oh so swanky Rose Bar enjoying an $18 cocktail or two, and a group is seating at one of the side tables. And in this group, you notice many of the gentleman wearing the same hats. That's when you realize it's Scott Sartiano and his Butter posse, all wearing Butter hats. To the layman, it may seem they really just love butter. But we know it to be some kind of D baggy gorilla marketing campaign or whatever. And if you are going to wear a hat with the name of your restaurant and lounge on it, wouldn't it be 1OAK, your new space that's poised to open tonight? Those hats probably never made it back from the glitter factory so they went with the standby.

In anther twist, we travel in the way back machine to the last time 1OAK was set to open. Well, they had to cancel their events and put the hype machine on hold for a bit. Our Little Birdy said at the time, "saw Richie Akiva at Rose Bar last night. . . Anyway, I was expecting Richie to be doing something else when his new club is supposedly opening tomorrow night. I'm putting my money on December... if they're lucky." Ditto LB. Ditto.

Photo from NY Times