Tuesday, December 18, 2007

Goode and McPherson Buy a Riverview

After some joint work by DBTH and our friends at HotelChatter, the HC crew comes in with the final blow. Eric Goode and Sean McPherson, the hottest boutique hotel company this side of Jason Pomeranc, have apparently come to terms on the Riverview Hotel. According to an HC tipster:

The Riverview Hotel was purchased by Sean and Eric for approx $33.0 Million recently. The Hotel is an SRO (Single Room Occupancy), which means that none of the rooms have their own bathrooms, sinks, kitchens or even basic amenities.

The reason they are not accepting any reservations is b/c they would like to begin the process of removing any and all long term residents, most of which are homeless, drug addicts and drunks---similar to those you would find in the Whitehouse on the Bowery.

By not allowing any new "guests" they limit their risk and exposure for new problems. They will have a very difficult time removing most of the long-term stays, especially since there are strict laws prohibiting the harassment of such individuals.
Excellent point. But when there is a financial will, there certainly is a physical way. May we suggest hiring the Pinkertons, who we hear have been slowly rebuilding their forces somewhere in the mountains of West Virginia, waiting to be called on once again.