Friday, December 14, 2007

Like We Said. . .

1OAK held it's first event last night. We'd like to thank our friends at Imbible for the photo, and we would like to thank fogul Barry Diller for building that alien sailboat on the West Side Highway, otherwise JG from Imbible wouldn't have been able to report:

Seeing as how our fancy offices at the IAC building are just two blocks away from 1 Oak, I did a quick walk-by after work last night and snapped the above photo. Granted, it was early (around 7pm), but from what little I could glean, the first guests to christen the new bar were, well, dudes--and not male model dudes, but like average, unglamorous, finance-type of dudes. Maybe the models were stuck in traffic, or maybe I just happened to walk by just as One Model Management's accounting department was arriving--you know, so they could get in before the door became selective. Lucky for them, at least this early in the evening, it was not.
Now, since they are hosting events in return for money, we are calling 1OAK officially open. January our blogging ass. Just because the public can't get in to dance to hip hop doesn't mean anything. Have a good weekend.