Monday, December 10, 2007

The Way to Get Upstairs

So do you have New Years plans yet? No? That's OK, you still have time to figure everything out. What's that? You want some suggestions from DBTH? Well, we don't play favorites, but may we suggest Upstairs? You heard us. Upstairs. Now, we've had our fun with the not-so-secret lounge above Cafe Bari. And they've made it pretty clear what they think about us. But it's cool. It's cool. New Years Eve is a different animal - especially in this town. And if you are going out, you want it to be big, and you want it to be great. The problem is so many people try to head out of town to avoid the masses that flock here.

But we've been told by the Upstairs folks that just won't be the case at their event. They are predicting the regulars, and they are guaranteeing a good time. We kinda believe them. We don't know why but we do. So give them a chance. If we didn't already have plans, and if they took down our Wanted poster, we may consider it ourselves. If that's not your seen, maybe one of these will be.

Got something else in mind? Do let us know.