Monday, November 19, 2007

DBTH Sent You

Although we were out of town this weekend, a friend who was visiting New York Saturday night asked us for the location of Upstairs. Naturally, we quickly sent it over with a bit of advice. "When you approach the door, tell Wayne DBTH sent you." Now, when we suggested this, we had a feeling it would not help. But we wanted to test it out. Below is a transcript of what happened.

So, I showed up at the front door of Upstairs and asked for Wayne. He said, "I'm Wayne". I said "Hey man. My friend DBTH told me to come by and ask for you". He immediately started freaking out. "What? You're kidding right?" I started smiling thinking that he was
excited that I used DBTH's name and that he was going to let me right in. Lets just say that it was the complete opposite of what I thought.

"You know DBTH?"

"Of course I know DBTH, a great friend and a genius."

"He's a genius" he said obviously heated. "a genius?" He's not a genius, he put my phone number up on his blog. Do you know how many phone calls I received from that, do you know how annoying that is? I have been opening private clubs for years now and never has anybody done this"

"Yeah, but any publicity is good publicity right? Also, they didn't post your full number. I just want to check it out to see I can tell them something good about this place."

"No, I'm sorry, you should leave."

"OK then man. Nice talking to you."
Wow. Just wow. It's funny because we didn't post anyone's full phone number. We would never do that. What's more funny is we have been to Upstairs and were let in by Wayne himself. And while we appreciate our friends sticking up for us, we don't consider ourselves a genius by any stretch. But everyone enjoys a compliment, including Wayne, who we know is doing a heck of a job.


Wouldnt you like to know said...

you are an idiot.

DBTH said...

Thank you.

Anonymous said...

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