Monday, November 05, 2007

Donovan Gets a House

Jason Pomeranc and his band of hotel building family members are in the midst of a major expansion. They just opened Six Columbus, the Gild is coming soon, and they are now pushing into other cities. Including Washington DC. That's where the name Donovan comes in. As in Donovan House. That's the name of the new hotel Sir Pomeranc will be opening on 14th Street in our nation's capital. Wonderful. The project, which is a converted Holiday Inn (sounds familiar), is partly financed by LaSalle Hotel Properties with the design work being done by Studio Gaia, the design force behind Tao Vegas and the now shuttered club Light. We are proud to present you with a first look at what the Donovan will look like. Think classic-post mod with a nod to the shagadelphic era of hotels past. You get what we're talking about. Expected opening is Spring of 2008, but with so many new projects coming on line at the same time, we think you can expect some delays.