Wednesday, November 28, 2007

Rio in Space

First Jason Pomeranc. Now Space. Harrah's Rio Hotel & Casino in Las Vegas is on a deal making spree, poised to sign an agreement with Space, Ibiza's long running dance club to become the anchor nightlife tenant in the off-strip pink and purple tower. Semi-genius and semi-risky, as Rio is definitely at the bottom of destinations for twenty somethings that flock to Vegas to destroy themselves, but will the name Space bring any cachet this far from the Spanish Islands? Doubtful, but it may not matter. Rio needs a first class operator who knows how to produce on a large scale, and Space certainly fits that bill. Expect Carl Cox, Pete Tong and the rest of the Mega DJ set to start calling the Rio their home when they make their appearances in the desert. Just make sure your glow sticks are fired up.