Tuesday, November 27, 2007

His Name is Rio

Jason Pomeranc is at it again. New York, LA, Toronto, Washington DC. JP and his Thompson Hotel group are busy expanding like crazy, replacing Morgans Hotel group as the new hot boutique company. So we ask ourselves again: What's next? Well, Las Vegas of course. A Little Desert Birdy, a black necked stilt perhaps, checks in, saying "Jason Pomeranc has inked a deal with the Rio Hotel to develop a boutique hotel inside the Rio tower." Interesting Little Stilt. Very interesting. You would think that Sir Jason would avoid lending his name to a second rate Vegas property. But, dealmakers need to make deals, and getting business this close to the Strip takes more capital than the Thompson Group could put together. A shrewd play by a hotelier who is quickly emerging as a national player in this here game.