Friday, November 16, 2007

On the Circuit: You're My Boy Blue

What: Johnnie Walker Blue Label Tasting
Where: Atrium at the Time Warner Center

Johnnie Walker Blue Label. Otherwise known as the Good Stuff. Last night, to celebrate the season and the opening of its own engraving studio, the Johnnie Walker family and Diageo Spirits held a little tasting event at the Time Warner Center. Oh hell yeah. DBTH +1 and in we went. They had tented off the 2nd floor atrium in the mall and created their own little lounge. We headed straight for the VIP couch section and settled in for a few hours of "tasting". Blue Label neat. Blue Label rocks. Blue Label mojito. If it was Blue Label, it was DBTH. The area was littered with HBO celebs, including Jamie Lynn Siegler, who for some reason was drinking white wine. Lame. Then some master whiskey man came over with a $27,000 bottle of whiskey and led a small tasting event. Wild stuff. After a few hours, our heads were swimming in Blue. It's that special kind of buzz that re-affirms that life really is good. Especially when you are DBTH.