Thursday, December 06, 2007

Breaking News: Goode and McPherson Strike Again

Breaking news from boutique hotel land. We have long heard rumors that Eric Goode and Sean McPherson, stars of such projects as the Bowery Hotel and the Lafayette House Hotel, were working on deals for additional downtown hotel properties. Well, great success. The boys have apparently settled on their next project, with a Little Birdy who is most definitely in the know reporting, "Sean McPherson and Eric Goode have closed the deal on a new hotel. It will be 'boutique-y' and in the West Village." That's it? Nothing more? Well, not yet, because the project is a wee bit sensitive. We expect to learn more soon, or have one of the so-called reporters from a major paper just steal our headline and go snoop around for answers. Because that's how they do. Happy fing holidays.