Tuesday, January 08, 2008

Blah Blah Bar Buloud

Bar Boulud - Daniel Boulud's new Upper West Side wine bar - sure is generating a ton of attention. Understandable of course. But if you are interested in Chef Boulud's most important project, may we please direct your attention to Maison Boulud a Peking. We may? Thank you. Set to open this spring at Beijing's (Legation Quarter), Maison Boulud will inevitably become the finest French restaurant to open in Asia's hottest city. The design is by Gilles et Boissier, the French firm responsible for Budakkan NYC and the Gramercy Park Hotel. We asked our Little Beijing Birdy for some additional color, and of course they obliged, saying "perhaps most interesting - this restaurant will be located in the former American embassy with views of the Mao mausoleum and Tiananmen Square. And get this - the dining room is in the space where Henry Kissinger secretly met Zhou Enlai to lay the framework for Nixon's historic meeting with Mao." Historic indeed LBB. You are so learned. Maison Boulud will feature a main dining room and separate bar and lounge. So enjoy your wine bar New Yorkers - we're booking our tickets for Beijing.