Tuesday, January 29, 2008

Bringing the Fun Through the Tunnel

The Bridge and Tunnel sect sure do love the Manhattan nightlife. Every Thursday, Friday and Saturday, they invade the island looking for a good time. On the one hand, it's good for our local economy. On the other hand, well . . . You know the drill. Some folks are trying to upset that balance. It seems that Mark, Eugene and the whole EM Group are looking to invade New Jersey! Hoboken to be exact. The Houston's loving crew will be creating a new nightlife venue at the soon to be completed W Hoboken. We don't know many details as of yet, but you can imagine they would include some great outdoor space and of course, those killer Manhattan views that the Bo is famous for. Just another demonstration of why it's so important to know your customer base and cater to their need. If your NYC venues are at capacity every weekend, why not open a second venue closer to home. Look for this one to open this winter a bit after the rest of the hotel.


Cartographer said...

The picture makes Hoboken look like its closer to mid-town than the East Village.