Friday, January 04, 2008

Losing the Grain

Just yesterday, one of our beloved commenters asked, "Ok, a bit obsessed with 1OAK, are we? Are you getting paid out of their publicity budget, ha?" Unfortunately, we get nothing for our posts. We have even heard rumors that we are officially banned from 1OAK, but that is neither here nor there. But, the people are interested in more information, so we must provide. A Little Birdy heard that Roy Nachum, the controversial designer of 1OAK, was "posting some pictures from 1oak on his website". It's true. Some very classy shots are available, some of which we posted here. Camera phones really don't give it justice so we are running it again. We really do love this woman kissing bull picture. It's our new background and is so thought provoking.


you know who dbth said...

that picture makes me rock hard

Bored By The Hipster said...

DBTH 2008...(yawn)

Anonymous said...

so stop reading the blog. or contribute something of interest. its a free country.