Monday, January 07, 2008

Quick Hits: Weekend Recap

We know you missed it, so we brought it back. It's mofo Quick Hits, where we give you a lot of information at an above average pace. If you are ever in the sharing mood, please let us know. QUICK HITS!
1. In a shocking twist of events, the newspaper has come down from the Good Dog windows. A peek inside revealed what appears to be an espresso machine, so the likelihood of a small cafe seems high. Thankfully, the giant paper maché Good Dog mascot remains.

2. A Little Birdy tells us that Bagatelle, the currently in development French restaurant that will be adjacent to Kiss and Fly in the MePa, has unfortunately been delayed. Our LB says, "Bagatelle plans to open the week of the 14th. Lets see if they plan to open with sawdust still in the air as they did with Kiss & Fly." Let's see indeed.

3. Speaking of French restaurants, we happened upon, Antibes, a new one that has recently opened at 127 1st Avenue. In a shock for the neighborhood, they easily secured a beer and wine license before opening. May we propose checking them out - we love to support the little guy.