Tuesday, April 17, 2007

Psst...DBTH Has a Secret

We have a secret. It's a big one, but it should be alright if we tell you. You just have to promise not to tell anyone else, ok? Swear? If you don't swear, how can we tell you? Ok, now we can tell you. See, 150 Lafayette has been mysteriously wrapped up for a few months. The place is being gutted, and we know why. The building, which previously was the Chinatown Dialysis Center, is being converted into a luxury hotel. And this isn't just any luxury hotel. This is the widely anticipated Mondrian Hotel - NYC. That's right, the Mondrian is coming to Chinatown. The project represents Morgans Hotel Group's triumphant return to New York City. Crazy right? We know. The work is being overseen by the conversion experts at HTO. They even have a permit! The hotel will definately have some big name restaurant and nightlife establishments, but no contracts have been signed with anyone.

Now remember, you swore not to tell, and a promise is a promise. Otherwise, we may not be able to tell you anything ever again.


Anonymous said...

This is so not news. See Curbed October last year.