Friday, April 06, 2007

Checking In With the Bowery Hotel

It's been a while since we caught up with the Bowery Hotel. Since our last update, we have heard some very mixed reviews. A little birdy showed up one night and told us, "the place was dead, the drinks were fair, and there was no music. None. It was like being in an abandoned nursing home." Ouch. That's one angry birdy. We had to see for ourselves, so we grabbed that birdy by the feathers and dragged him back for a second visit. The results were mixed, since the place was crowded, dare we say packed even, and our little birdy notes, "the glasses seem new and improved." That's something. But we wonder why there is still no music, the service was so bad and why all of the furniture is so uncomfortable? For a space that begs you to sit and relax, the re-upholstered furniture forces you to want to get up. Someone call Jenny and get some couches down there!

But then we recall that the lobby is really supposed to just be a lobby. The Bowery has much more coming and soon. How soon? Very. But DBTH, how can you be so sure? Well, another little birdy lets us know, "the second floor bar space is just about ready. The bar is installed, but the hotel's elevators and a dedicated stairwell are not quite there. The space is huge, close to 10,000 square feet, and they are waiting for the weather to improve before opening for the public." Thanks little birdy. We'll keep that in mind.