Tuesday, April 15, 2008

DBTH Goes Green

In honor of Earth Day, we here at DBTH have asked some locals about to discuss what they do to promote sustainability. First up, William Tigertt from Freemans explains how one of our favorite spots keeps it green.

We have several Green initiatives at Freemans:

1. All deep fryer grease is recycled into Bio-Diesel.

2. All paper, glass, metal and cardboard is recycled. It's the law, but a lot of small places just dump it for lack of space and effort.

2. 60% of our power comes from Wind and hydro green providers (we're still working on finding vendor for the other 40% - high voltage meter)

3. Our house brand bottled water comes from Maine in re-usable bottles that are sent back and re-filled.

4. Our wine list is mostly European which is uses less energy to mass ship via freighter than trucking wines from California or shipping from Australia. The bulk of our list is also bio-dynamic or organic wine from small estate bottled traditional producers.

5. Our eggs are all organic. Our diary is growth hormone free. We use mostly local producers and labor such as Heritage Foods pork which slaughters 1000 pigs a year versus 1000 pigs a day at large commercial farm.

6. Many of the building materials at Freemans are from reclaimed wood and recycled antiques

7. We keep a small potted garden outside in the Alley which is used for herbs and maintained by local community gardener.

We're constantly looking for new ways to reduce our footprint despite being such a busy neighborhood place.
All excellent measures, keeping the food delicious with a minimal impact on the environment. Just like us. Stay tuned for more.


Anonymous said...

yes, just like the ethanol in our gas which has raised gas prices, made food more expensive, and cut down on our miles per gallon. Yes, freeman's keep on using europeans wine since they will soon be your only customers. Real way to support the USA, I hope they never go and try to defend our country.

God bless the USA

justin said...

oh jesus, the global warming bogeyman invented by the power hungry scientists to protect their buddies in the corn industry by destroying all the poor people. biofuels are of course a giant mistake, and the environmentalists understand that, but it's easier for politicians to tell you to put corn in your car than it is to tell you to get rid of your car and walk to work.

anyway, good for freemans. those sound like some thought out, basic level things that do good (shipping the bottled water back and forth is a little silly, but i guess you can't convince everyone to just drink the damn tap water). much better than places that buy a few low energy lightbulbs and pay a few bucks to plant some trees and call themselves "green".

Anonymous said...

drink the fucking tap water. best tap water in the world.