Friday, May 09, 2008

Beatrice Inn Shut Down Again

Straight from the beak of a Little Birdy who was on the scene, we get word that the Betarice Inn was visited by the cops again last night. Take it away LB:

I was at the Beatrice Inn last night and something was going down. Around 2 they stopped playing music and the dance floor cleared out. When I left a little while later, there were cop cars outside and the doorman was talking three cops. Maybe they got busted for not having a cabaret license again?
Except for running Manhattan's coolest bar, running the hospitality operations at a new Atlantic City resort, celebrity friends and possibly opening new bars on both coasts, these Beatrice Inn guys can't catch a break. We aren't sure why the cops continue this monthly game of saying hello late at night, unless they really want to see MK. And let's be honest, who doesn't? But the Angelo and the crew do a good job of keeping the street clear and we have seen the neighbors drinking at the bar. Just leave Beatrice alone!


Anonymous said...

angelo 4 prez

Anonymous said...

its probably Nello paying some one to do it. This way he can sell is high price drinks and crap food. He needs the cash to pay all his legal bills for slapping woman around and chreating the tax man. .